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About Us
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About Us

Our Story

Here at Hemporium we fully embrace the environmental and medical benefits of Cannabis Sativa and we hope you will too. The power of hemp was changing lives all around us and we felt called to be a part of that community. Together, we began researching to offer a wide selection of hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) products for your physical and emotional health.

About Us


Company History

Our team has been built from different backgrounds and lifestyles to come together for a united purpose. What started with a basic retail storefront has evolved in a matter of months into something much bigger! Together we have started to build a community of people who have seen great changes in their quality of life and have begun to share the incredible testimonials with others.


Coming Together

The idea was formed and our partnership began. Our burning passion for change drove us to begin building a safe space for continued education, consultations, and the offering of revolutionary products.


Opening Hemporium

The doors were opened, the people began coming, and we began serving our community just as we had hoped.


Joining the Community

Springfield welcomed us with open arms and we were invited to have a Ribbon Cutting ceremony with the local Chamber of Commerce.

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